LGBT Rights : the Nature of US Governments Antipole

Long ago, God created first humans, the man and the woman, to dwell in the earth and give them a great mandate to procreates. Later, through culture gradual changes, this process done through marriage. It is a common sense that to do a sexual engagement, gender heterogeneity is required. But, the status quo says otherwise. The demand of homogenous affairs has been exceeding. Groups of people who have same-sexual pretention tried to undergo surgery and swap their sex. These groups named themselves LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender). These LGBT civilians are trying to make the government suffice their rights.

Now in 21st century, LGBT rights started to be recognized. Numerous countries has already established their enactments towards LGBT, including United States of America. Since then, pros and cons started to rise. US civilians voices divided into two factions: the activist, ones promoting LGBT, and the conservatives, ones against LGBT.

Under Obama regimes, LGBTs found their shelter. They managed to found their pathway unto same sex legal marriage. Obama even povide them chairs in the parliaments. But, with new president elected, state can’t preserve Obama’s legacy. Trump new governance seems quite affected by the concervativeness of the vice president, Mike Pence. Negative sentiments towards LGBT increased than ever. This matter worsen since Pence expect Trump to sign an executive order on religious liberty, pushing out new policy that is likely to draw a stiff rebuke from LGBT communities.

Leaked draft of the order would have provided sweeping legal protection for people to claim religious exemptions. This issue was quickly responded by LGBT proponents. They argue that this provisions would allow discriminations against LGBT Americans. It has been a heated up situation which is susceptive and potential to break into civil conflicts. In such countries which differs in race, culture, and personal-being, civil conflict is tremendously hazardous. Moreover, civil contention happened in US, center of the worls’s economic estuary, will lead into global economic instability.

LGBT issues has been osciliated since government have not state any siding stand upon these issues. If this continued, LGBT will remain a society’s scourge. Risks of groups reciprocal surpressions still haunts. But it seems like government still can’t take a clear standing points considering swift political tides that might be disprofitable for them if they side one parties.

However, in order to conquer this problem equitably, government should establish wise stand expeditiously, whether the country consider LGBT as a digression or it is an acceptable properties. By a clear stand stipulation, the treatment made for the LGBTs will be just spot on. (Eli)

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