“Price” for Home Entertainment

Television is undoubtedly one of the greatest invention in the history of humankind. By dint of John Logie Bard, we all get to catch up with the latest updates from all around the world. TV is now becoming one of the prime necessity needed. Almost every household equipped with this device, exposing every member of the family with its programs.

Through time, the world of television has undergone some remarkable changes. Varieties of programs are being telecast daily. But unfortunately, not every of them accentuates quality. In our own home country, for example. More and more shows lacking expedience by showing off personal-household problems, violences, and profane languages displayed by well-known celebrities.
Notwithstanding aware of the existing danger, most of millenial parents utilize this device as ‘pacifier’. Busy parents often present TV programs as a shortcut to deal with their curious kids, assuming that TV will replace their duty to keep the children to stay on their place. The question is, can TV really fulfil parent’s expectation as a child-friendly home entertainment ?

It is undeniable that in a way, TV programs can massively affect children in many aspects. To comprehend the situation, we need to dig deep on how negative impacts occured in the first place. Dissatisfaction regarding TV programs can be classified into three main issues, namely delineation of violences, the use of abusive words, and portraying poor-moral role models.

Many recent journals and researches signify an increasing trend of harsh behaviour shown by children as the result of emulating violent acts they saw on TV. Children are more likely to conduct such imitations when the acts of violence are commited by their favored action figures, especially figures they perceive as “Heroes”. In the other hand, there are so many programs using comic impressions to reproduce violences. This is particularly dangerous because children might mistook violent acts as jokes, with the worst case scenario, they might use humor to justify brutality.

The use of profane language is also a crucial concern. It has become very common for TV programs to show characters delivering impolite, disrespectful, and insulting utterances to one another. Unfortunately, children often fancy it as a “cool” way for expressing themselves, consider it as “common expression” to put in every situation. We should be upset about the moral values depicted on television. As many institutions struggle to teach children ethical values, TV programs crush it in seconds by their so-called role models. For instance, certain characters not only have no remorse for their immoral actions but also frequently go unpunished by larger societies.

TV indeed has educational side as well as handy amusement, but as the world evolving, parents should be more cautious at presenting home entertainment. Evaluating every variable existed need to be done in advance. Because if not, instead of enjoying benefits, parents, or even worse, the next generation will pay costive price in the future. (Eli/Nida)

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